Mein Weg zur Malerei

My path to painting was anything but straight. It was even less pre-determined or consciously chosen.

Already, as a child I used to draw a lot and persistently so. Besides painting, I later became interested in nature and hunting - and from a relatively young age I knew that I wanted to be a forester. I eventually chose this as a profession and painting remained a hobby which I sometimes practiced with great intensity whilst at other times neglected it. At the same time, I had wonderful examples in my family both as artists and as great human beings which had a permanent influence on me and some of whose works we luckily could preserve.

During those periods in the past when I painted more intensively, I rather spontaneously and arbitrarily socialised with artists, entrepreneurs and publishers. Thus, through the help of a relative of mine, I had the opportunity to present one of my early drawings to one of the most respected Hungarian artists, Pál Csergezán. Still today, I am glad and proud of his encouraging dedication. Another kind memory relates to the German entrepreneur Albrecht Kind who praised my drawings of wild animals and who was considering publishing them in his catalogue. Unfortunately, his sudden death prevented a personal meeting. Also this contact merely remained a promising onset without any concrete consequences.

A few years ago, due to lucky circumstances, I met the director of the Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF), Mr. Ysbrand Brouwers, and in this context internationally leading artists such as John Busby (Great Britain) and Wolfgang Weber (Germany). Just a few years later, I completed my job in an international project in Hungary and I was confronted with the question of which direction I should take in my life. During this period of orientation, family members asked me whether I had ever considered using this opportunity and dedicating myself entirely to nature painting. The idea seemed like a promise and with the encouraging words of John Busby and Róbert Muray (Hungary) I took this important step.

I would like to invite you, dear visitor of my webpage, to join me on my way of painting and art.

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